Ga Mantse Chieftaincy Dispute will end—King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II

Newly-installed Ga Mantse, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, has assured the people of Ga State and the country at large of ending the protracted chieftaincy dispute in the Ga State this year.

According to him, efforts were being made to bring all feuding factions in the four royal ruling houses within the Ga State together to chart a new path towards unity and peace. King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II was speaking at the maiden edition of the ‘Children’s Time with the King’ series in Accra. He averred that the on-going chieftaincy disputes in the various Ga communities were retarding development of the Ga State and that as the new king, he will ensure that all the impasses come to an end.

Speaking to the media during the event, King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II indicated that the Ga Traditional Council was the only legitimate authority that was clothed with the mandate to give clearer information about who is the legitimate chief, king or queen and for that matter the media should always endeavour to contact the traditional council at all times in verifying their information.

He also revealed that the Ga Dzaase Council has put in place several activities, which the Children’s Time With The King was part, to bring everybody on board in the administration of the Ga State towards developing the state.

King TackieTeiko Tsuru II said they have established a Ga Girl Child Support Endowment Fund that will look at the future of the girl-child and all children in the Ga State. According to him, teenage pregnancy and other social vices have taken deep root in Ga societies and that the endowment fund will help in the education of children in securing their future. To this end, he indicated that the high teenage pregnancy rate and other social vices would be curtailed. He also averred that as the Ga Mantse, his installation will be in vain if he sits unconcern to see that a girl at Abola and other areas was not being educated. “If we say education is the bedrock of our development, then it behoves us as leaders to ensure we educate our children. That is the agenda I set myself out to pursue,” he said.

He also revealed that other funds, including the Ga Mantse Development Fund and Ga Mantse ICT Development Fund, which are yet to be launched have been set up to also support brilliant and needy students and promote ICT learning in children.

According to him, it was important that a child was natured, grown and put in a place for opportunities hence the determination to put structures and infrastructure in place to help children realise their dreams. He also thanked chiefs, elders and people of the Ga State for their support and wished them a Happy New Year, assuring them that peace will return to the Ga State this year (2018).



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