‘I don’t sing for award’


Isaac Wallace

If you are somebody who likes African Jazz music, you must have probably had an encounter with Wallace. 

He is described as a talented and skillful musician. Wallace is a musician with a high attraction power and this is the reason why many people like listening to his music.

According to the “Nton tom aka obronidwe” hit-maker, he does not sing for awards but believes that his award is in the songs he composes.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Today, the sensational musician spoke about his music and future.

Who is Isaac Wallace?

I’ m a musician and also a sound engineer. People usually call me Wallace.

Why did you choose to be a musician?

I realised when growing up music was my God-given talent and since then I have been working seriously at it.

When did you start singing?

I started music when I was eighteen (18) years old. And this begun at the Church of Pentecost, Mataheko, Zongo Junction, but I was also playing live band at events.

How many years have you been in the industry?

Twenty four (24) years now.

 Mention some of your popular songs on the market?

Currently I have two albums. My first album is “Adam and Eve” which I released six years ago and “Nton tom aka obronidwe” not long ago which is doing well on the market.

And I am happy that my song Nton tom aka obronidwe is even used as an MTN caller tune.

What is the history behind your Ntontomaka obronidwe song?

Our grandparents wooed white investors into the country but unfortunately these white investors were bitten by mosquitoes (ntontom) and got sick with malaria.

This made them leave the shores of Ghana with all their investments hence the title of my song.

Are you with any group?

Right now I’m alone but I have my own production company, Awam Production Limited which I help develop musicians.

Is Wallace married?

No, but I intend to marry soon.

What is so unique about your music?

My music is the only real authentic music in Ghana now and all my beat and my drums are real live recordings. I have also received loads of calls from people congratulating me on my songs.

Do you perform at events?

Yes, and some of the paces I have performed included  +233 Club House, La Palm Hotel for one year, M Plaza, Golden Tulip, Dodi  Princess, and I am proud to say that my music is all over the world now.

What do you do apart from music?

I’m a sound engineer by profession.

What advice do you have for upcoming musicians?

I will say nothing good comes free so they should keep on praying and with time God will show Himself in their lives.


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 Source: Ghana/todaygh.com/SHIRLEY IRENE THOMPSON



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